PORTFOLIO: Training Materials, Marketing, Documentation Resource and more

Training Material

Multi Pro Plus
Simply4 worked on large scale presentations used for teaching insurance adjustors the scope of the work performed by the disaster-recovery company Multi Pro Plus. We also worked on equally large training presentations for instructing and certifying employees working in this industry.

CAE Mining
Within the scope of Simply4’s mandate for Mining, we edited all training material prior to its final use in PowerPoint or as e-learning courses.


Lucie Woods, SalesPartners
Marketing copy—business cards, business plan, corporate and personal profiles.

RJ Spenser Group
Marketing copy—branding, Website content and site, brochures, profiles.

Kalman Samuels
Marketing copy—rebranding, Website content and site, profiles.

This is Your Story
Marketing copy—branding, business cards, brochures, profile, Website content and site.

Rosanne Baatz
Marketing copy—branding, initial Website content and site, profile.

Documentation Resource

As a Documentation Resource, I am able to conduct an appraisal of currently operating documentation system and provide recommendations for improvement, set up services, document design applicable to international standards, staff training. I am available to put these recommendations into place working with or hiring new staff as required.
Some of the resources I provide


Under Simply4’s banner, I run speaks&spells publishing, a small press publishing company specializing in author-sponsored works. The following is a list of our published works.

Medical Writing


Montreal General Hospital~Lachine General Hospital~Queen Elizabeth Hospital
I worked as a registered nursing assistant for 14 years in three accredited institutions in Montreal. Throughout my career in nursing I served on Procedure Committees, In-service Teams, and presented case studies at Nursing Grand Rounds. The mandate for this work was to educate the nursing staff on new practices and to provide a continuing deepening of patient cases from a nursing perspective.

General Writing and Editing

L’Associazione Ricreativa Mammola
Writer, editor, publisher

L’Associazione Ricreativa Mammola is a spiritual and cultural association in Montréal made up of a group of émigrés from Mammola, Italy. They have for many years dedicated themselves to acts of charity. Simply4 was involved for five years in the annual golf tournament to raise funds for Sainte-Justine’s Hospitals Ophthalmology Unit. We wrote letters and speeches, wrote and published a beautiful booklet to be distributed at the event, and created posters. Simply4 worked pro bono for the association.

Desktop publisher, English-language editor

Working closely with Sonia Gouin owner of LinguiScience, I review documents that have been translated, edit the translation and publish the documents into usable documents, instruction sheets, or user guides.

Formac Publishing
Managing Editor

___ ColourGuides: Montreal & Quebec City, 4th edition. Ed. Susan Hargrove.  Formac Publishing: Halifax, 2008
I acted as managing editor for this book for Formac Publishing. It required hiring writers to edit and update previous copy, managing their contracts, ensuring the copy met the publishing standards for the ColourGuides and reflected both cities in an appealing and informative manner. This project was produced on time and within budget.

Reader’s Digest Magazine
Copy Editor

I was employed as a copy editor for the copydesk department that was responsible for the monthly English-language Canadian issue of the Reader’s Digest Magazine. I obtained the job based on my previous writing and editing experience and my ability to start immediately and work up to speed with an experienced team of professionals.