Documentation Services

No one thinks of documentation—not the specific reality of it. Most workers and managers know two things about documentation: One… it is being done somewhere, somehow, by someone and Two… it costs too much. For a minute, I’m going to get you to think of documentation in real terms: its importance, its place within an organization, its real and imagined costs, how it can be done efficiently and practically, how it can be measured, and finally how it can work as an important asset where you can see a return on your investment.

We offer you an alternative you may not have considered: outsourcing to us. Outsourcing for cost and quality, outsourcing for reliability and efficiency, outsourcing to a strategic partner who will ensure that your documentation system is one with the utmost integrity.

We offer the following services:

  • Configuration management and document control,
  • Information control,
  • Creation of a documentation process,
  • Standardizing publishing quality of the engineering documents,
  • Setting up a document repository for ISO-equivalent adherence to preserving quality records.
  • Needs assessment of current documentation system or department or creation of a documentation system or department
    • Analyzing the requirements for and overseeing the production and delivery of documentation for large-scale international projects.
    • Documentation Plan
    • Job estimates and manloading
    • Documentation Process
    • Information design applicable to international standards, industry norms, and overall usability based on client requirements.
    • Document Design: Requirements, Layout and Format, templates and boilerplates, researching IEEE, CSA standards, or other international standards.
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