“Four basic premises of writing: clarity, brevity, simplicity, and humanity.”
~ William Zinsser

What do people need to know about you? Is your message getting out in your sales and marketing copy? Do they tell others who you are, what you do, what you sell? Ensure your words represent you as you wish to be represented. Contact Simply4 Communication for your marketing copy needs.

“You may write good, but I write well.”

If that sentence has you gritting your teeth, it is because we all know good writing when we see it written, when we hear it spoken. We are expecting it, we want it, and we deserve it. Simply4 Communication can do that for you.

Content is King! Writing Rules!

  • Marketing, business, corporate, standards, training material, and technical:

    • Marketing: marketing plans or copy, brochures, website copy—including SEO copy, catalogues, elevator pitches, corporate résumés, tag lines, newsletters
    • Business: Résumés, personal profiles, generic proposal, statement of work, system descriptions
    • Corporate: Corporate profiles, personnel profiles or résumés, in-house templates and administration documents, creation of and training in the use templates and boilerplates
    • Standards: Process and Procedure Documentation, Documentation Process, In-house Stylebook, ISO Quality Procedures
    • Training Material: Presentations and manuals, tutorial material, training packages; training in technical writing, teaching the fundamentals of good business writing
    • Technical Writing: Hardware user manual, installation guides, hardware maintenance manual, databases for third-party and original equipment manufacturer, end user manuals for product lines, on-line documentation, system administration documentation, test documentation, design documentation
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