Interpro Consultants (now Utilicase)

“I am pleased to provide this recommendation for Susan. She has continuously impressed me with her attention to detail and desire to go above and beyond the call of duty. She is well organized, meticulous and always delivering extraordinary results. It is a pleasure to work with Susan.”
Mayté Médina,
Directrice, Processus d'entreprise at UTILICASE Inc.

“Susan is a hard-working, effective technical writer and a reliable business partner. A pleasure to work with!”
Frederic Archambault,
Director, R&D, Quality and Support at UTILICASE Inc.

“Susan is very efficient and delivers on time! Great artistic sense and very professional. I strongly recommended her.”
Stéphane Garcia,
Project Manager at IBM

Speaks&Spells Publishing

“Susan, you are outstanding! Damn! I want to study with me! Great work, Susan!”

Dedication: “I want to thank my editor, Susan Hargrove, who has been an inspiration, helping me to find the bestest way to articulate what I have learned from my clients and how to share this with the world at large. Her love of the English language and her counsel to keeping me “on track” are the reason that you get to read this book.” Ken Rabow,
Real Life Coaching, Author A Slacker’s Guide to Success

Dedication: “Thank you to Sue Hargrove, for working tirelessly with me to shape my thoughts into an actual story, and for giving me the chance to experience what it’s like to be a published author.”
Jana Pavlasek,
Author, Affectionately Lois