M3i Systems Inc.

“Susan is a highly skilled technical writer whom I had the pleasure of working with at M3i Systems Inc. She mastered documenting a complex product suite covering many aspects of electric distribution and workforce management.”
Peter Barnes,
Product Manager CGI
Product Manager, M3i Systems Inc.

“When you introduce a revolutionary technology to the market there are three attributes you need: 1) a good and solid product; 2) professional staff; and 3) complete professional documentation. At M3i we were lucky to have Susan fulfill the last requirement. Taking a concept to a product is no easy feat, especially when you are tasked to document it. Susan and her team did a super job.”
Bruce Ricketts,
Communications Consultant at RICKETTS Consulting
VP Strategic Planning, M3i Systems Inc

“I have known Susan both inside a work environment as well as on a personal level. In all things, she is highly meticulous and diligent. Susan is a strong leader with a clear vision and a no-nonsense approach to getting the job done. I believe that any company would benefit enormously from her unique set of skills.”
Jonathan Ginter,
Sr. Dev. Manager / Architect at BMC Software
Senior Technical Lead at M3i Systems Inc.

“It is my privilege to call Susan a colleague and mentor. Susan took me under her wing when I first started technical writing some 20 years ago. She is generous with her expertise in writing, she is a critical reader, a rigorous editor, and her love of written English is evident. She has an intellect and wit that make working with her always interesting. Susan would be a valuable senior contributor in any writing/editing project.”
Marta Cepek,
Technical Writer at M3i Systems Inc.

“WOW!!!! I can see how you're going to be worth every penny! This is great! You have done wonderful work! Thanks for your assistance and I will certainly recommend you to others!”
Dan Brisson,
President & CEO at MobilityGo.com
CTO, Director of Research & Development at Mecanica Solutions Inc.
Project Leader, Project Manager, Senior Systems Architect/Programmer at M3i Systems Inc.