Who we are

Simply4 Communication is owned and operated by Susan Hargrove, B.A., M.A. English, Concordia University. As owner of the company, she brings her experience of 35 plus years in writing, editing, and publishing to you. She has created a team of writers and editors that can help you say best what you want to say and do so in a manner that presents your company in the light you feel is specifically “you”.

What we do

We are experienced writers with a vested interest in producing clear, crisp, clean, and literate copy that conveys your meaning and makes you look good. We write and edit copy in many fields: corporate, technical, non-profit, and entrepreneurial.

What we’ve done

Our experience in the over 35 years we’ve been writing has been broad and far-ranging, proving our stellar research and interviewing skills and our keen ability to pick up subjects, and write knowledgably about them. We know grammar. We know rhetoric. We know diction. Above all that, we know how to package this knowledge into a stress-free resource for you to tap into when deadlines are looming and budgets are tight.

What you need

You need to sell or support your product or service to stay in business; your name, your tagline, what you have and what you do must be forefront of the competition. Any communication out in the world must be considered one aspect of your marketing campaign—website, company profiles, proposals, sales and marketing material, general and technical documentation. Today’s literate society demands clear, crisp, intelligent, and understandable prose that tells them what they want to know. Smart leaders turn to professionals who craft the corporate image in the message.

What we offer

We are the best value for your money. We are your documentation specialist without the overhead of an in-house employee. We ensure that you have the processes you need to produce quality documentation, whether it is a user manual, an internal work procedure, a product brochure, a system description, or a proposal. What do all these have in common? They had better be well written with correct grammar, appropriate language and diction, and an agreed upon style for all internal and external documentation.

We work with you and your staff to produce internal documentation to a level of literacy for all your communication output that is the hallmark of a successful company. We improve your corporate image with comprehensible prose written to persuade, inform, instruct, and represent.

How we work

We are a consultant firm. For most of our contracts, we work off-site at our premises and use modern technologies to be in communication with our customers; for other clients, we work on-site. Ideally we are working with you, a fair exchange for a fair price: our expertise for the most efficient use of our time.