NOTE: All technical or corporate writing we have done is confidential and proprietary to the corporation owning the product or service. Due to Simply4’s confidentiality agreement, we are not free to put examples of this work into the public domain. We do have rights to show samples of the work in hard copy format in a meeting or interview setting as long as no material is distributed in any manner.

CAE Mining CAE SNC-Lavallin ECS
CAE Mining CAE SNC-Lavallin ECS

Quatric Interpro Consultants Electrika
Quatric Solutions Inc. Interpro Consultants Electrika

This Is Your Story Readers Digest M3i Systems Inc.
This is Your Story Séléction Reader's Digest M3i Systems Inc.

Speaks&spells Publishing Documentation Resource
Training Material Vanity or Author-sponsored press Consultant

Medical Writing General Writing and Editing Marketing Documentation

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